Ensuring sustainable business travel for our people

At Prime Global, we are passionate about ensuring our operations are sustainable. We are proud to be working together with travel supplier Gray Dawes, in partnership with Forest Carbon, to provide our people with an international carbon offset programme for all business travel.

This programme allows us to aim for net zero and ensure our business travel can be managed with a focus on sustainability.


What is net zero?

Net zero is the answer to putting an end to climate change. It’s about reducing emissions to their absolute lowest amount through energy efficient measures, and then using carbon offsetting to balance any necessary emissions remaining.


Reducing our carbon footprint

Prime Global has people, clients and offices located all around the world, so some business travel is vital. Visiting colleagues in other offices, attending events, and conducting face-to-face meetings is often essential. However, we want to ensure our business travel can be undertaken responsibly and sustainably.

Working with Gray Dawes, in partnership with Forest Carbon, our carbon offset programme allows us to offset all business travel carbon emissions automatically.

Gray Dawes calculate carbon emissions from our travel bookings using the DEFRA model and then transfer the numbers straight to Forest Carbon. This data is then turned into Carbon Credits – roughly 1 tonne of CO2 emissions equates to 1 Carbon Credit. From here, our Carbon Credits are invested in sustainability projects; we’ve chosen a project in Guatemala.


Sustainability projects

Our carbon offset programme allows our Carbon Credits to be invested internationally, specifically for the Conservation Coast Forest Conservations REDD+ project in Guatemala. This project is the world’s largest forest-based carbon project, with hundreds of diverse landowners joining to protect a forest made up of over 59,341 hectares.

This project protects the critical Mesoamerican Biological Corridor which connects North and South America. Forests in this project area are of great importance nationally and internationally due to the ecosystem services they provide.

If you’d like to learn more about our carbon offset programme you can do so here.


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Prime GlobalEnsuring sustainable business travel for our people
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