Welcome to our latest IGNITE cohort!

We’d like to give a very warm welcome to our latest IGNITE cohort. Having begun on 31st October with an introductory session, we hope our latest IGNITEES find the programme insightful and enjoyable!


Welcome, IGNITE 8!

IIGNITE 8 includes twelve trainees across our London and Knutsford offices, as well as some remote workers in the US – Abbie Rodger, Martina Kusi-Mensah, Jack Roweth, Nathan Andrade, Akanksha Srivastava, Charlotte-Anne Cotterill, Aoife Gratte, Zoe Aliwell, Irene Pecharroman Ruiz, Callum Bleasdale, Sophie Byrne, Patricia Badia Folgado.





What is IGNITE?

IGNITE is our entry-level training programme that provides our up-and-coming talent with structured support as they navigate their way into the world of healthcare communications.

This latest round marks our eighth cohort since the programme’s inception in 2017. Featuring weekly training sessions alongside self-directed learning, IGNITE is designed to provide training whilst you work. Find out more here.


Discover what our previous cohort members had to say about the IGNITE programme:


Pamela Lopez, Senior Account Executive

“As I was completely new to the field, the Ignite programme was extremely helpful in providing an introduction to MedComms and an overview of how we work at Prime Global.”

Read the full interview here.



Interested in a career in healthcare communications, evidence and access, or patient engagement or looking to join a future IGNITE cohort? Contact our recruitment team to find out more.

Prime GlobalWelcome to our latest IGNITE cohort!
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