Reasons why we love working at Prime Global

The working day accounts for a lot of our time. On average, over a third of people’s days are spent at work. Because of this, it is extremely important we ensure we are spending this time in a place that is enjoyable and rewarding to work at.

Guided by our values of passion, partnership, and excellence, at Prime Global we ensure our people come first. Our team is the reason for our success and our top priority is to nurture a working environment where talent flourishes.

But don’t just take it from us; have a look at what some of our employees have to say about life at Prime Global!


Cindy Cheung, Senior Medical Writer

“I felt supported straight away and knew that Prime Global was the place for me. The value that is placed in the teaching and investing in employees with their dedicated People Development Team is brilliant.

Prime Global has been very adaptable at building a great office and team environment based off previous workshops, which shows how the company really do listen and plan to improve work life environments for their employees.”

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Cora Carolan, Group Managing Director in Client Services

“I’ve seen such great ideas and energy from our people, whether you have been here for a week or 10 years, there is a real spark and dynamism that is infectious! Prime Global also has inspirational leaders with very clear plans, vision, and direction, and it’s exciting to be a part of that.”

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Parveena Laskar, People Development Manager

“One of the things I love about Prime Global is that I’ve never been afraid to have the kind of conversation that’s about my career and future aspirations. We really do put people first, we want to give you the opportunities to develop.”

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Tris Miles, Global Studio Director

“We’re a growing business, but not so big that you fall through the cracks – the people are caring and want you to progress. Also, the flexibility in working hours is great, the hybrid working policy is ideal for my work/life balance.

The leadership team are strong. They have a big vision; to care for their employees, to think outside of the box and to make a positive change in the world through science and creativity.”

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Lisa Bratt, Group Recruitment Strategist

“We work hard but there is a laid-back, social culture. The teams are spread out over different global locations, but we are great at keeping in touch. We make sure we hear from different people at the company meetings to get updates from everyone and we even have a team dedicated to helping people connect with each other.”

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Pamela Lopez, Senior Account Executive

“Prime Global offers me a chance to work with clients in a variety of therapy areas as well as giving exposure to a range of deliverables, from publications to med affairs and digital communications!

The team here are an extremely passionate and talented group, but also friendly and sociable, which is very important to me.”

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Ana Agudelo, Global HR Business Partner

“We continue to build a stronger team and work environment. We do this by being flexible about people being in the office; we understand that sometimes it’s not ideal for people to have to commute to a distant place of work every day.

Despite everyone working across various projects and clients, we are all able to connect as one team as we have monthly meetings to share ideas and different practices. It’s a nice way to build team spirit and encourage innovative thinking.”

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Liz Hart, Client Services Director

“I can honestly say it’s always been interesting, rewarding and diverse working at Prime Global. Also challenging (at times), but never boring!

One of my key highlights includes being a part of many amazing teams and working with incredible colleagues and making some great friends. I love seeing team members develop their skills, knowledge and confidence to really successfully progress their careers.”

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Roma Patel, Account Director

“You feel like as a team, you can tackle any issues the client might have because you have that experience behind you which you won’t find everywhere else.

There is a really great welcoming team here and there is a camaraderie between the teams and people making it a supporting place to work.”

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Like what you see? It’s a brilliant time to join the team that puts people first!

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