An interview with Tris Miles, Global Studio Director at Prime Global

Find out all about the Studio at Prime Global in this interview with Tris Miles, our Global Studio Director! Tris reveals his career experiences and gives us insight into the central hub of delivery and creativity of our communications.

What’s your role at Prime Global?

My role is Global Studio Director. I’m responsible for steering the Studio and the overall delivery of work as the business grows. This means training, mentoring, networking, developing our capabilities, and keeping it a fun place to work! Our clients rely on our creativity, skill, speed, innovation, accuracy, and technical expertise for a vast array of projects and deliverables. All of this means I need to keep the Studio fully functional and adequately resourced. Equipped and productive. Supported and empowered. Capable and happy.

Why did you choose Prime Global?

I was contacted early on in 2020 by the Group Creative Director at Prime. It was Craig who convinced me this was the place to be, so I knew from the get-go it was a good company. It wasn’t until a few months in that I realised how fortunate I was. We’re a growing business but not so big that you fall through the cracks –– the people are caring and want you to progress. Also, the flexibility in working hours is great. I have children and the hybrid working policy is ideal for my work/life balance. The leadership are strong. They have a big vision; to care for their employees, to think outside of the box and to make a positive change in the world through science and creativity.

What does the Studio do?

We have four teams in the Studio: Creative, Production, PowerPoint/Motion, and Digital. Each team is committed to excellence in scientific and medical communications. Everyone is highly skilled in their discipline. Our Creative team can help assist with the how and the why, and then visualise the ask with dynamic solutions. Our Production team are constantly working on scientific redraws and illustrations, digital posters and print materials. The Presentations team are PowerPoint masters –– designing scientific platforms and slide templates, pitches, proposals, formatting medical slides, redraws, animating and building comprehensive decks and dynamic videos. The Digital team push the boundaries of innovation – consistently finding new ways to communicate the content.

How does the Studio work within the Prime Global group?

We serve as a central hub of delivery and creativity of all our communications. To achieve this, the Studio is split into four distinct disciplines and the work is triaged dependent on the requirements of the project. We work closely with all our internal and external facing teams –– partnering with people across the board, senior leaders, editors, medical writers, business development and client services. The Studio is a robust operation, consistently meeting tight deadlines whilst producing the highest standard for the company and our clients.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

The people I work with. I’m fortunate in that I’ve joined a close-knit and well-established Studio, full of brilliant people. It may sound cliché but for me personally, life is about relationships. When we’ve retired, we probably won’t remember too much about the projects we worked on, but we will remember the people we worked with. It’s imperative that the relationships are strong and that the culture of the Studio is vibrant and enjoyable.

I’ve worked in a variety of agencies spanning three decades and I can honestly say I’ve never come across a team quite like the Studio at Prime Global.

Before joining Prime Global, what did you do?

I spent the first 12 years of my career as an Artworker at various advertising agencies in and around Manchester, followed by a time as a Studio Manager at a Creative Consultancy. I spent the next decade working for a non-profit charitable organisation. It’s here where I learnt about leadership and presenting to groups, both small and large. I was responsible for all their media, branding, print, video, web design and social. The real highlight was every summer I got to travel to remote places across Asia and mentor teams of students, from helping Burmese refugees in Thailand to working with orphans in China. In 2016, I joined a commercial medcomms agency. In 2019, I created my own business as a Designer and Wedding Photographer. When the pandemic hit my work, I spent a month working as a hospital porter as part of the COVID-task force.

What would be your perfect weekend? / What do you enjoy doing, outside of work?

A perfect weekend would be somewhere in the Lake District with my family on a mountain hike, followed by a pub meal. Outside of work, I train regularly in Karate to get the blood pumping, and watch films or listen to music to help relax.


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Prime GlobalAn interview with Tris Miles, Global Studio Director at Prime Global
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