An interview with Ana Agudelo, Global HR Business Partner at Prime Global

It was great to learn more about our brilliant team members in our US offices in our catch up with Ana. Ana talks about how she has always been interested in HR, is passionate about team spirit and how she is central to bringing people together in her role. We are so pleased to have Ana as part of our family!

Q. What is your career to date and how have you got to where you are now as Global HR Business Partner at Prime Global?
I started my career in HR at a non-profit company, completely unrelated to medical communications. When I heard about the position available at Prime Global it really attracted me as it combined both HR and operations into one role; something I enjoyed in previous positions.

When I started, the US team needed help as they were becoming very busy and seeing a lot of growth. I’m pleased to be part of this journey as we continue to hire more team members. I’ve been involved in both HR and office management, but now we’re recruiting for a new office management role to allow me to focus on HR. It’s brilliant that Prime Global are giving me the opportunity to continue building my career in the HR field.

In my new role, I will be supporting the team on HR aspects, not just from a US perspective but also from a global perspective and how we bridge the gap between our teams around the world. I will also be getting more involved with recruitment, which is exciting!

Q. Have you always wanted to be in HR?
I have always been passionate about people and it comes naturally for me to help as much as I can! Initially, it was very scary joining Prime Global as I had not been in the industry before, but I saw this as an opportunity to learn more. Also, being in the medical field brought me back to some family roots so again it was the combination of personal and professional interests that drove me to work here.

Q. What is the culture like in the New York office?
We’ve recently moved to a new WeWork office space that provides more amenities, and now we are continuing to build a stronger team and work environment. We do this by being flexible about people being in the office; we understand that sometimes it’s not ideal for people to have to commute to a distant place of work every day. Our new office space is a place where our employees can go when they want to work with others and exchange ideas. Although we’re all working remotely at the moment, when we can get back into the office our focus will be to be continuing to do that with the San Francisco team.

Q. What is the new San Francisco office like?
We recently redecorated, so it looks great! We have also recruited new people to the team. The west coast is adding more clients and we are growing fast, which is exciting for all of us. I have met most of the team who are based over there in person, and I’m really looking forward to finally being able to meet those who have joined us during COVID-19 in person, when we are able to do so.

Q. What is it like for all the team members across the two locations?
Despite everyone working across various project and clients, we are all able to connect as one team as we have monthly meetings to share ideas and different practices. It’s a nice way to build team spirit and encourage innovative thinking. We also have an annual US meeting where we try and get everyone to the New York office. We discuss the year just gone and the year ahead, and we do a couple of training sessions. Now, more than ever, we’re helping all our team members to stay in touch, especially if people need to bounce ideas off each other.

Q. Where are your team members based?
My HR team primarily is based in the UK. Even though they are geographically far away and there is a time difference, I feel very supported by them. In my previous positions, I was the sole HR person, so I have been really lucky to come here and be part of a team where they have really made me feel welcome and part of the family. When I’m in the New York office or the US team as a whole, it’s like one big team (even if they are all part of our different agencies). We support each other and we have a great team spirit.

Q. If you could have one superpower in the world, what would it be and why?
If it was work-related, it would definitely be to fly across from office to office! I would be able to see my team members more and support people as much as possible! This would also be great for the traveller in me. If it was not work-related, I would want to be able to control the weather.

It was so great to catch up with Ana from across the pond, thank you for your time and congratulations on your recent promotion!

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Prime GlobalAn interview with Ana Agudelo, Global HR Business Partner at Prime Global
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