An interview with Mark Waterlow, Director of Scientific Strategy at Prime Global

Mark knows all about the scientific needs our clients have so it was a real opportunity to sit down with him to find out how he got to where he is now. He has also recently been awarded our Prime Global Long Service Award, congratulations Mark!

Q. How have you progressed in your career to get to where you are now?
I started off my education in pharmacology (BSc) at King’s College London. Straight after that, I worked at a couple of healthcare and medcomms agencies and did some freelancing before I joined Prime Global in 2004 and then re-joined in 2010!
This is when I really started to carve out my path for a career in medcomms, in particular the medical writing route – writing is the part of job I love the most. Even today, I still spend as much time as I can on content development for our clients as this is, in my opinion, is one of the most interesting areas of medcomms.

Q. What have been your highlights across the past 10 years of working at Prime Global?
Building relationships. A major highlight was supporting the transition and being retained as agency of record for a group of products that were acquired by a new client. We have continued to build and deepen this partnership that now extends over nearly a decade!

Q. What have been the biggest changes you have experienced at Prime Global?
The biggest changes have been the growth. This has been fantastic to be a part of and has thrown its challenges our way – keeping connected across our global office locations has been something for all of us to adapt to. However, as we grow, we become more dynamic as a group and it is good to be part of this expansion.

Q. Now you help drive all our teams forward, what are your biggest tips for any new starters interested in joining?
Don’t be afraid to ask! There is so much information to take on board when you start, it can be overwhelming… but we recognise that asking questions is the best way to understand the complex things we do, and we try to foster a friendly and supportive working environment.

Q. Which disease areas do you predict to grow the most in the next 10 years?
Infectious disease and vaccines, rare diseases and biological therapies

Q. If you were to have a dinner party, who would be your top three invitees and why?
All of Prime Global, obviously! ?


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Prime GlobalAn interview with Mark Waterlow, Director of Scientific Strategy at Prime Global
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