National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

The World Health Organization say at least 30% of all new HIV infections happen among 15–25 year-olds. Today is National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day and we need to spread the word, engaging, educating and empowering the young on how to protect themselves against HIV and AIDS. Susanne Ulm, a Medical Writer at Prime Global, explores the growing problem of HIV and AIDS amongst young people and highlights the latest therapies. Follow the link to read more and share it to spread awareness. Together, and especially today, we can help prevent HIV and AIDS.


Lisa BrattNational Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

Principles and Science Behind HIV Testing

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2016, worldwide 40% of all people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) did not know that they had it. That’s 14 million people.

The only way to know if you have HIV is to have an HIV test.

During National HIV Testing Day, many organisations raise awareness of the importance of HIV testing. An early diagnosis can prevent further HIV transmission and allow for timely treatment. This article explores the testing methods and the development of the tests.

Susanne UlmPrinciples and Science Behind HIV Testing

U.S. National HIV Testing Day

Today is U.S. National HIV Testing Day. However, HIV is a global issue. We want to help raise awareness of the importance of testing for HIV, to prevent the infection spreading and to ensure those affected get treatment as early as possible. We’ve written an article about the history and progression of HIV that looks at the principles and science behind HIV testing. Click here to find out more. Test Your Way. Do It Today.

Prime GlobalU.S. National HIV Testing Day

HIV Vaccines – Insights into a Scientist’s Mind

There is currently no vaccine available that can prevent human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Why do scientists believe that an effective and safe HIV vaccine can teach the immune system how to fight HIV? I had a closer look at their latest research of HIV vaccines.

Aisleen PetersonHIV Vaccines – Insights into a Scientist’s Mind

HIV Vaccine Day

Today is #HIVVaccineDay and we’ve been exploring the latest research of HIV vaccines and the treatments scientists are developing. Susanne Ulm, looks into a section of HIV vaccines and describes how they work with your immune system to fight against HIV. Follow the link to read more:

Emily AnslowHIV Vaccine Day