World Kidney Day

#WorldKidneyDay 2017 is focusing on how #Obesity can increase the chance of developing #KidneyDisease. “Obesity may lead to CKD both indirectly by increasing type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, and also by causing direct kidney damage by increasing the workload of the kidneys and other mechanisms.”

Find out more about the links between kidney disease and obesity >>

Gaurav KumarWorld Kidney Day

World Tour

It’s a well known fact that the medcomms business is great for those of us who enjoy a spot of travel, but even the most seasoned globetrotter might raise an eyebrow at the recent Scion schedule.

In the last few months the agency has delivered back-to-back events for clients in Belgium, Germany, France, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and Brazil. They’re not finished yet, with more to come in Singapore, Shanghai, Houston and Boston before it’s time for home. Think of the air miles, everyone!


Prime GlobalWorld Tour